Code of Ethics of the Association

Each member of the IFDAA will at all times:

  • Ensure that their conduct is of a professional standard and in keeping with their profession as funeral directors and in accordance with the interests of the Association
  • Seek to present themselves, their staff, premises and tools of trade to a professional standard
  • Seek to provide services to the satisfaction of clients
  • Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of clients and fellow members
  • Ensure that deceased persons and family members of the deceased are afforded the utmost decorum
  • Take advantage of appropriate occasions to educate and inform the public of the functions of funeral directors according to the guidelines prescribed by the Association
  • When requested, assist and advise newly established members in the taking up of their duties. Every help and assistance should be given to new members of the Association
  • Act in such a way that it is clear that service to the community and fellow members comes willingly and without any private advantage
  • Have the greatest respect for their clients’ religious beliefs and cultural practices
  • Provide a written estimate of all funeral charges and disbursements at the time of taking instructions, or as soon as practicable afterwards
  • Ensure their actions, words and deeds, are fair, truthful and beneficial for all concerned