The Independent Funeral Directors Association of Australia Inc. was formed in the year 2000. After the Australian Industry takeover over the U.S. Conglomerate Service Corporation International (S.C.I.). Service Corporation International is an American provider of funeral goods and services as well as cemetery property and services. We believed that all independent and family owned and operated funeral service providers should have a say in any and all legislative changes from local, state and even the federal government. We also believe that the Australian Public should have the right to receive good ol’ fashioned family care in their time of need. As independently owned and operated funeral service providers, we pride ourselves on not being driven by profit margins or overzealous K.P. I’s.

All positions held within the IFDAA Inc., namely board and management committee positions, are effectively voluntary. These positions are made up of elected officials who a fully paid members and are elected at each Annual General Meeting. An Annual General Meeting is usually held to coincide with our major yearly conference which is to take place no longer than three months after our Financial Year has ended on December 31st.

Any person who holds office of the IFDAA Inc. does so willingly and with all appropriate representation of the association and is to adhere to and uphold any and all Code of Ethics, Constitution, By-Laws and Operating Standards. When members elect these officials, they acknowledge and accept that all board members have the due diligence to ensure that all members adhere to the operating standards of the Independent Funeral Directors Association of Australia Inc. We desire to promote professional, respectful and dignified service.

The IFDAA Inc. board is obliged to hold at least four General Meetings per year to discuss any general or specific business of the association. Any matters that need voting upon, only a full member may cast a vote. Where any meetng is held and there is more than one representative from a member’s business present, only one vote may be cast from each member’s business.

By joining the Independent Funeral Directors Association of Australia Inc., you are joining a network of like-minded professionals who all have the same vision and goals for their businesses. You are choosing to allow the association to help you and guide you, to best serve your community in their time of need. As an association we aim to represent and engage with our members. This involves a variety of approaches including consultation with members through visits, training, mentoring and other communication tools. We are aiming to increase our connection with members over the coming year, as we believe this will proactively benefit our industry and the families and communities we serve.

All members of the Independent Funeral Directors Association of Australia Inc. conform to the expectations and standards as promoted by the association. All members are held accountable to the IFDAA Inc. and its management committee.

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